Werner Maschewsky - CV


Born in Memel/East Prussia (now Klaipeda/Lithuania)


elementary school in Bamberg, then Würzburg


grammar/high school in Würzburg, then Mönchengladbach (school-leaving exam 1964); private tutor for several years; many different holiday jobs


2 semesters economy at Hamburg University


training and work as a programmer at the August-Thyssen steelworks (Duisburg) and Commerzbank (Düsseldorf)


study of psychology at the universities of Cologne, Bochum and Westberlin; subsidiary subject sociology;
student tutor for learning psycholgy in Bochum;
pre-diploma 1968 in Bochum;
practical training in an advertising agency and at the pedagogical center (PZ) Berlin;
student tutor for statistics at the Free University (FU) Berlin;
student employee in a research project (APIA: workgroup programmed instruction in architecture teaching; sponsored by the VW-foundation) at the architecture faculty of the Technical University (TU) Berlin;
empirical diploma-study on the job profile of industrial designers;
diploma 1972 in Berlin


part-time teaching assistant for empirical research & statistics at the Institute of Pedagogics of the FU Berlin;
at the same time, part-time lecturer for theory of science at the Psychological Institute of the FU;
contract-work for the BIBB (federal institute for research on occupational education)


marriage to Ulrike Schneider;
birth of our son Kris;
doctorate in psychology with "summa cum laude" on "the experiment in psychology" (book title)


researcher at the WZB (Science Center Berlin) in an empirical study on industrial work and myocardial infarction (sponsored by BMFT, Federal Ministry of Reearch and Technology);
monography on "social causes of myocardial infarction" (1982);
preparation of an empirical study on health-effects of occupational down-grading


birth of our son Mirko


habilitation in psychology at the FU


professor of soial medicine (since 2003: health science & social policy) at the faculty of social education of the Fachhochschule (FH, Advanced Technical College; later: HAW, University of Applied Science) Hamburg

since 1984

work with occupational and environmental grass-roots groups (1984-2002);
monography on nervous diseases by workplace chemicals (1988);
consultant in occupational disease lawsuits (1988-98);
empirical study on AIDS with two colleagues for the BMFT (1989-91)

since 1990

3 months as a "temporary consultant" at the Regional Office/Europe of the WHO (Copenhagen), occupational safety department (1991);
monography on cardiovascular diseases by workplace chemicals (1992);
feasability study on the establishment of a curriculum in health science at the FH Hamburg (1993);
8 months as a "visiting scholar" at the School of Public Health, University of Washington (Seattle), epidemiology department (1995-6)

since 1996

monography on multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) (1996);
empirical MCS study for the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung (a trade-union foundation) (1996-7);
testimonial on "evaluation controversies in environment & health with relevance for preventive policies" (1997, with Rolf Rosenbrock/WZB);
12 months sabbatical (1999-2000) with a monography on MCS and painters´ disease (Bk 1317), and a 5-months stay in Seattle;
monography on environmental justice (2001)

since 2002

setup of a personal website (Maschewsky.de) (2002);
empirical study on environmental justice in Hamburg (2002-3);
vice dean of the faculty (2002-5);
internal evaluation report of the faculty (2003);
2 months in Edinburgh, evaluation of the Scottish environmental justice policy for Friends of the Earth Scotland (FoES) (2005);
setup of an environmental justice website (Umweltgerechtigkeit.de) (2005)


severe heart surgery


early retirement

since 2007

work with an environmental grass-roots group and a NGO;
work on environmental justice, fracking, and TTIP


several cardiac stents

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